Hope Happens: the source of true hope

Working at the Hope for Kids office one day, I received a phone call from one of the families we reach in Springfield. It was a mother of 3 in desperate need of food and prayer, because she had just lost her job and come upon rough times. Out of desperation she reached out to Hope for Kids and asked to speak with me, because she and I had established some type of relationship through bringing her kids to our events. I made her needs known via facebook and our volunteer base, and within hours people had already responded! In the next couple days, multiple people brought items such as diapers and food to Hope for Kids in order that they may be given to her. I was so grateful!

Little did I know that God was planning much more for this woman. Upon bringing these gifts to her house I prayed for the family and after I finished I noticed that her eyes were filled with tears. This was when I felt the Holy Spirit moving. I asked if she owned a Bible, and after she replied with no, I quickly grabbed a Bible from my vehicle. It was in the next moments that God opened her eyes to true and lasting hope! I was filled with a zeal and passion to explain the Hope of the Gospel, and it was that very night with tear-filled eyes that she gave her life to Christ and asked for forgiveness. God is the everlasting God of hope and fresh starts!


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