Volunteer Shoutout: Diane

This week Hope For Kids would like to recognize Diane Lyons for everything that you do for this ministry! There are far too many things to name, but the way that you keep us organized and on track is incredible and irreplaceable. The ministry of Hope For Kids would not be able to function at the level it does without you and all your efforts.

I am amazed at the way that you can condense all the ideas and craziness that can come from our meetings and turn it into a detailed and extremely organized spreadsheet or document to help guide us as we go about the work the Lord has set before us. Not to mention the order you bring to our monthly Club Hope events by tackling the nearly insurmountable task of registering all the kids that attend and keeping track of them throughout the day, with sometimes little or no help from the bus directors! It is an honor to be on the team with you and serve the children alongside you! These kids need you and so do we. Thank you for everything that you do, for even though we may not always see or understand, the Lord does and I am confident He will bless you for your sacrifice!

Also, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY from all of us at HFK!2-17-blog-65


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