Volunteer Shoutout: Matt

This week’s volunteer shoutout goes to none other than Matt Currier! Very seldom does he get the attention he deserves for the hard work he does. We want to give him a shoutout on his BIRTHDAY WEEK! If you ever wondered what a true Jack-of-all-trades is like–it is Matt. His tireless efforts behind the scenes and in the trenches are what the ministry could not function without. I (his daughter, Brianna) have truly never met anyone with a heart as compassionate, generous, or as selfless as he is. I have seen him do everything from dealing with a defiant child at Club Hope,  to cleaning up the spilled sticky juice on a table after an HFK event is over. Dad, without your efforts to win the city of Springfield for Jesus, there would be SO many more children and families without any hope at all. I know I speak for the HFK team when I say we truly couldn’t do this without you–our fearless leader!3MarchClubHope11

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