Impact Clubs Week One: MONDAY

The first two Impact Clubs of this summer are complete! We had beautiful weather and a great turnout to both of our clubs. At our first location, we were joined by some familiar faces and the kids had a super fun time hanging out, playing with the parachute, learning the theme song, and listening to Josh’s Bible lesson. It was so encouraging to see these kids giving all their attention to what they were hearing and really dialing in! So often they are surrounded by fear and messages that are not true and we get the chance to pour fearlessness and truth into their lives this summer, because of the hope of the Gospel. Praise God!


When we arrived at our second location, there wasn’t a single child in sight, but it didn’t take long for kids to find their way to Club and join in the fun! We made a few new friends and we are prayerfully expecting to meet many more new children this summer. This location was one of our best attended last summer and many kids got connected to our ministry because of it!


Be sure to follow this blog and like us on Facebook to get updates about everything the Lord is doing in Springfield this summer! Thank you for your prayers and support–we’re in this together!


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