Impact Clubs WEEK TWO Recap!

Our second week of Impact Clubs is over! What a packed week it was. Our first location was uncharted territory for Hope for Kids–it was our very first time reaching out in this area of Springfield. The turnout at this location completely blew us away! We had over thirty children at club every single day, and so many of these children chose to believe in Jesus as a result of these clubs. Our second location was in an area with a lot of distractions for the kids, but the message of the Gospel was presented every single day nonetheless and we are trusting that the Lord is even now working in the hearts of the children who attended.

The last day of club was another great day. As a part of the conclusion to our missionary story this week, the kids were invited to become missionaries in their very own communities. Many of them at both clubs decided to go back for counseling to learn how they can share their faith with their own friends and family!

During the Bible lesson at the first club on Friday, Emily asked the kids what sin is and they all knew the hand motions for “anything we think, say or do that doesn’t please God.” I had the chance to teach the first Bible lesson at this club on Monday, and when I asked the same question back then, not one of the kids knew the answer. But yesterday, as I looked over and saw almost every single one of the thirty-something kids on the parachute all answering the question confidently, I was completely blown away. One week can change so much for these kids. Not only did they learn about what sin is and their need for a Savior–they learned about the God who made them and loves them perfectly and His plan to save them. So many of these sweet kids chose to believe in Jesus this week and saw His love in action. Thank you for supporting these clubs–to every person who has followed these posts, donated snacks and water bottles, encouraged a leader, or prayed for these clubs: we could not have done this without you! The Lord is using this team to spread the HOPE of His truth in a very real way and we can’t wait to do it all over again in a new location next week.

 Check out the photo gallery from this week below. At the end of next week, we will have a video featuring stories from our leaders and lots of clips of Impact Clubs in action!

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